Employee of the Month: Emily


Emily “The Bread Wonder” is a priceless asset to the Feed family. Her favorite Feed meal is the Green Stuff sandwich and if she was a toast special, she’d be apple jelly, butternut squash and spiced apples on wheat toast because she loves the flavors of autumn. Originally from Stillwater, Minnesota, Emily started here with no experience but tons of drive, a strong work ethic and a passion for learning and she quickly exceled in our bread department. Emily is a model team member – a shining example of the “Sweet Heart” culture we embrace at Feed. When she’s not at work, she paints, reads, hikes, bikes and hangs with her roomies and their goofy cat.

Thank you Emily for your phenomenal work ethic, eagerness to learn, and the light-hearted, go get-em attitude you bring with you every day. We look forward to our future with you!

Fall Flavors

local elk toast

The perfect way to kick off hunting season – Hunter’s Toast – elk bolognese topped with a parmesan crisp on house-made sourdough.

local apple squash toast

This one celebrates harvest time with apple cider jelly, spiced butternut squash & apples, and balsamic drizzle on sourdough toast.

pumpkin crumble toast

And this one goes all out with a pumpkin apple crisp topped with pecans and whipped cream on rye toast. Pairs perfectly with the latest Park and Life Magazine and a hot cup of coffee.

Employee of the Month: Sean S.


Sean “The Pancake Whisperer” Stocker is a mountain of a man with a range of abilities. He accomplishes all tasks thrown at him, with an excellent eye for detail. He’s a beast on the line and has helped set the bar high for line cooks here at Feed Café. He puts his culinary degree to good use and has a passion for locally sourced ingredients. If Sean was a toast special, he’d be a smoked salmon, walnut and blue cheese salad topped with endive on wheat toast, because it reminds him of his roots in the Pacific Northwest – he’s from a town called White Salmon! His favorite Feed meals are the Biscuits & Gravy and Chorizo Omelette. When he’s not at Feed, he hikes, camps, climbs and hangs out at the dog park.


Thank you Sean for being so AWESOME and inspiring us to stay creative and hold to high standards.

New toast specials

local tomato toast

Is there anything better than an in-season heirloom tomato? This new toast special has local heirloom tomatoes, local microgreens, bacon jam and balsamic reduction on house-made rye toast.

smoked salmon toast

This toast, unlike our weather lately, is the good kind of smoky – with smoked salmon, spicy marinated veggies and garlic aioli on house-made sourdough toast.

New toast specials

Our chefs are pulling out the stops with amazing toast specials lately. As always, they’re made with our house-baked bread using Montana grown wheat, toasted to perfection. Then flavor sensations are piled on top. Here’s one of our favorites – “everything toast” with cream cheese, lox, sun-dried tomato relish and a sprinkle of everything bagel spices on sourdough.

everything toast

And here’s another gorgeous new one, using fresh, in-season blackberries. This has turkey, local chèvre and blackberry mostarda on wheat.

seasonal blackberry toast

Employee of the Month: Mikala


Mikala’s energy launches her whole team through their day! She is vibrant, empowering, always around to offer encouragement and hugs. Mikala loves her job and everybody knows it. Her Feed family members are also well loved, and Mikala tells us so every day. She works hard and happily on every shift and is willing to tackle any job to help her team, which inspires those around her to do the same.

Version 2

Her spirit animal is a herd dog because she’s full of energy and likes to keep her herd together. If Mikala was a toast special, she’d be banana, peanut butter and marshmallow fluff on sourdough. When she’s not at Feed, she’s busy climbing mountains with her Doberman Max and studying organic chemistry.

Thank you Mikala!

Employee of the Month: Eric

Eric employee of the month 1

Eric is a smart cookie, with a sweetheart attitude that we adore. If he was a toast special, he’d be sliced avo, fried egg and pecorino romano on ciabbatta, because it’s simple and delicious. His favorite Feed meal is the Fungi. And when he’s not working, he’s long distance backpacking, climbing, skateboarding or reading.

Eric employee of the month

Eric learns quickly, and has progressed from every position in the Kitchen with admirable speed and ease. Starting with no professional restaurant experience, he was hired as dishwasher then trained as prep cook, bread baker, pastry chef and line cook. His intelligence, retention and comprehension are amazing attributes that he humbly possesses.  We are delighted to have Eric as a member of our Feed family, and look forward to growing with him.

Thank you Eric!

Photo Shoot with Yellowstone Grassfed Beef

feed cafe window

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a photo shoot in Feed with the good folks at Yellowstone Grassfed Beef and the super talented Stacey Townsend, who photographed food on our menu that contains YGB’s delicious beef.

savory oats with grassfed beef

And here is our savory oats with grassfed brisket, gouda, mushrooms, caramelized onion, and a sunny side up egg. A delicious twist on traditional oatmeal.

yellowstone grassfed beef dishes-61

On the left there’s our brisket sandwich with grassfed brisket, caramelized onion, roasted poblano, and pepper jack cheese, and on the right the pastrami hash with grassfed pastrami, potatoes, french cut green beans, caramelized onion, roasted galic aioli, and sunny side up egg. Both  are absolutely delicious, thanks to YGB’s wonderful, sustainably raised beef.

grassfed brisket sandwich for lunch

All photos shown are by Stacey Townsend, courtesy of Yellowstone Grassfed Beef.

grassfed toast