Featured Employee: Mikala


Mikala, aka Mikay, has been with us for over two years and is our Front of House Manager. Her warmth and good cheer are infectious and to know Mikala is to feel loved by her. She makes everyone who walks in the door feel welcome. She nurtures her work family with encouragement, support and laughter. Her thirst for knowledge is unquenchable.

Her favorite Feed meal is the Pastrami Hash with an English muffin, avocado salsa and allll the caramelized onions available. If she was a toast special, she’d be thin sliced sourdough with jalapeno jam, chopped bacon and cream cheese because she’s cheesy, spicy and a super snack! When she’s not at Feed she’s snuggling or hiking with her furry babe Moose, and cooking through her Bouchon cookbook.

Mikala’s passion for feeding and caring for people is evident in everything she does. Thank you for being our sunshine Mikala!

Featured Employee: Fedora


Joe Fedora aka Fedorable radiates good energy and is an excellent team player. He is extremely dependable, kind, hard working, and, well, Fedorable!

His favorite Feed meal is our house granola with coconut milk and extra berries. If he was a toast special, he’d be roasted garlic hummus, hickory smoked salsa, avocado and microgreens because they’re bold and delicious and he loves anything with avocado.

When he’s not working the line at Feed, Fedora can be found playing outside, learning to play the piano or creating essential oil blends. In his own words: “Life can be tough sometimes. I find that I am truly happy if I am always creating, exploring, learning, inspiring, spreading unconditional love, teaching and sleeping. ” We love you Fedora! Thank you for all that you do!

Featured Employee: Tony


Tony has a strong work ethic and culinary fortitude. He comes in ready to work and is willing to do anything thrown at him. His excellent attention to detail shines through in every aspect of his work. Tony is well educated and widely experienced, and his thirst for knowledge is invigorating. His creativity shows up in many of the new and delicious soups we serve. Tony’s favorite Feed meal is the Savory Oats and if he were a toast special he’d be sriracha, bacon, scallion and sharp cheddar on sourdough. When he’s not at work he specializes in napping.

Tony’s hard work does not go unnoticed and the Feed Family appreciates everything he does with us. Thank you Tony for your dedication to the team and culinary prowess! As “Tony the Tiger” would say “You’re Grrrrreat!”

Employee of the Month: Emily


Emily started work at Feed a year ago as a dishwasher with no restaurant experience. Her strong work ethic, curiousity and willingness to jump in wherever needed did not go unnoticed and she is now our lead baker. Emily goes above and beyond the call of duty in every way, and is always positive, ready to learn and willing to help out her team. She exemplifies the sweetheart policy we strive for at Feed.Her favorite Feed meal is the Green Stuff sandwich and if she was a toast special, she’d be apple jelly, butternut squash and spiced apples on wheat toast because she loves the flavors of autumn. When she’s not at work, she paints, reads, hikes, bikes and hangs with her roomies and their goofy cat.

We are so grateful to have Emily on our team and we look forward to seeing what she accomplishes next. Thank you Emily!

Employee of the Month: Joanna


Joanna is new to the Feed family, and has already showed an incredible work ethic and unparalleled compassion. She is willing to come in early, stay late and do anything that is asked of her with a smile on her face. She is open, friendly and inviting, and passionate about sustainable local food. Joanna’s favorite Feed meal is the Panzanella Salad with eggs sunny side up, and if she was a  toast special she’d be sourdough smothered with maple almond butter, peppered bacon, banana and a maple rosemary blueberry reduction!!! When she’s not at Feed, she spends her time playing in the mountains and prepping for a medical aid trip to Sierra Leone in April.
Joanna is always asking what she can do for her team, the company and guests, and embodies the teamwork, love and hardwork we strive for at Feed. Thank you Joanna!

Employee of the Month: Liv


Olivia, aka Liv is a valued member of our Feed family. After working at Nova for many years, she transferred to Feed and brought with her a wealth of experience, speedy efficiency and unparalleled kindness.

Liv was born on a wheat farm near Dutton, Montana and if she was an object found on a farm she’d be a tractor, because she keeps plugging along. Her favorite Feed meal is the Elk Burger. If she was a toast special, it would be on nine grain bread, because, well, it’s complicated. When she’s not slinging dishes at Feed she paints and creates colorful collages.


Like a good camper, Liv leaves every work station and area of the restaurant better than she found it. She works methodically and quickly, and exemplifies the teamwork and efficiency we strive for at Feed!
Thank you for all your hard work Liv!

Employee of the Month: Zach


Zach is a treasure in the kitchen. He works thoughtfully and carefully, and keeps us giggling. We adore his goofball humor, quick wit and optimistic attitude. He started with Inspired Madness Inc. as a dishwasher at Nova Café. Zach A.K.A. “Zatch” has since been promoted from dish to prep cook and most recently to line cook with us here at Feed Café. He is an amazing worker and a quick study. His favorite Feed meal is the Elk Burger. If he were a toast special he’d be something, anything with pineapple, or he’d be a Z-Muff – the Muff sandwich on a biscuit covered in gravy. Aside from shredding cheeses and vegetables at work for fun he shreds the guitar in two local bands.

Zach is an asset to our team and a great human being, thank you for your hard work and great attitude Zach!!

Employee of the Month: Chiara


Chiara puts passion and love into everything she does. Originally from Italy, she is  unfailingly vivacious and positive. Her incredible work ethic and passion for food are obvious to everybody in the restaurant and and she is the queen of maintaining a meticulously clean work environment. Chiara’s favorite Feed meals are the Panzanella Salad and the Harissa Chicken Salad. If she was a toast special, she’d be grilled zucchini, basil pesto, olive oil and shrimp on sourdough bread. She loves mediterranean flavors and fresh ingredients, and when she’s not at work she’s busy learning to cook new foods, learning to speak new languages and spending time with her family.


Chiara works hard, happily, and tirelessly; she is an incredibly valued and loved Feed family member.Thank you Chiara for all that you do!