Featured Employee: Mikala


Mikala, aka Mikay, has been with us for over two years and is our Front of House Manager. Her warmth and good cheer are infectious and to know Mikala is to feel loved by her. She makes everyone who walks in the door feel welcome. She nurtures her work family with encouragement, support and laughter. Her thirst for knowledge is unquenchable.

Her favorite Feed meal is the Pastrami Hash with an English muffin, avocado salsa and allll the caramelized onions available. If she was a toast special, she’d be thin sliced sourdough with jalapeno jam, chopped bacon and cream cheese because she’s cheesy, spicy and a super snack! When she’s not at Feed she’s snuggling or hiking with her furry babe Moose, and cooking through her Bouchon cookbook.

Mikala’s passion for feeding and caring for people is evident in everything she does. Thank you for being our sunshine Mikala!