Featured Employee: Fedora


Joe Fedora aka Fedorable radiates good energy and is an excellent team player. He is extremely dependable, kind, hard working, and, well, Fedorable!

His favorite Feed meal is our house granola with coconut milk and extra berries. If he was a toast special, he’d be roasted garlic hummus, hickory smoked salsa, avocado and microgreens because they’re bold and delicious and he loves anything with avocado.

When he’s not working the line at Feed, Fedora can be found playing outside, learning to play the piano or creating essential oil blends. In his own words: “Life can be tough sometimes. I find that I am truly happy if I am always creating, exploring, learning, inspiring, spreading unconditional love, teaching and sleeping. ” We love you Fedora! Thank you for all that you do!