Employee of the Month: Daisy

Employee of the month Daisy

Daisy joined our team almost two years ago after a few seasons around the states in National parks and a season in Big Sky. She started as line cook and is now the Kitchen Manager of the café. Daisy received a culinary certificate in her hometown of Los Angeles, while working with us she has shown her passion for creating and cooking phenomenal food. She has excellent attention to detail and also displays teamwork, delegating and leadership skills. She works well under pressure, while keeping her cool.

daisy-employee of the month 2
If Daisy was a toast special, she’d be a really spicy habanero mango jam, because she’s a little spicy herself. Not surprisingly, her favorite Feed meal is the Monte Cristo with its strawberry sriracha.
We look forward to working with Daisy as she blossoms gastronomically… and creates s’more delectable and beautiful toast specials.

Thank You Daisy!!