The history of our barn

Feed Cafe

The iconic Red Barn that houses the Feed Cafe is 118 years old this year! You can certainly feel it in the worn floorboards, the rough old beams, and the classic barn shape. Built by homesteader Henry Kirk and his son Harris, along with helpful community members in 1898, it was part of a working farm for many years before Bozeman grew big enough to engulf it.

The Barn and its surrounding buildings have housed a number of Bozeman businesses over the years, including the Country Bookshelf, the Country Flower Shop, both started by Kirk family members. Now our little enclave includes fellow restaurants Saffron Table and The Roost, as well as The Chapel hair salon and Eskay Bridal.

The neighborhood would be unrecognizable to the original Kirk family homesteaders, but we hope it carries on the values of hard work, community and entrepreneurial spirit started by the Kirks. You can read more about the history of the barn and the area in this article in the Bozone. The photo of the barn above was taken by the good folks at Sunrift Studios.